Thursday, December 17, 2009

A New Year Today

For 1431 has arrived!
We travel forward everyday
Today is no less or more than yesterday
But yesterday was 1430 and today 1431

The beginning we mourn, a child born
In ten days a sacrifice for eternity
For the Commander will call upon all
Remember the blood shed on the desert
Sunrise to sunset on the tenth we shall recall

The images of the fields of Kerbala
A distant past tale brought to life
The final time of Asr He will prostrate
To demonstrate and vividly remind the story is today
Thousands in Marol shall see it LIVE
For the King will be there in Spirit

Million plus will join minute by minute
1431 the day of the tenth - Ashura indeed
We await the day where we shall be at his knees
Begging for the blessings that all shall receive
Forget not that he blesses all
But being there it would be indeed best for my feeble mind

A solace on the image on the screen
He will remember me I know
And in that I ask for forgiveness
The tenth on a New year today
I shall await with great fervor.

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