Sunday, December 13, 2009

1431H - Welcome the Nine

The last few days and hours.
The ten days of mourn - a celebration indeed
This year adds to nine - one short of ten
A hail from Marol to relays of the world
A son in the West replies again

A journey for those lucky
Emirates in the air Eastbound
Celebrate the nine, we await the tenth
This year is nines! 99 years in the year of nine
We await his call for Our Eid on the tenth
One Four Three and One - nine again
Next year Tens! 1432H One Four Three Two - 10
100 years it shall be - we celebrate again.

A glorious two years it will start - Twelve months of the next
Wait for the new moon wait for the celebration.
Indeed we await the glorious nine and anticipate the ten

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