Friday, June 04, 2010

Misr - The return back as we were

A journey started in the fields of Kerbala
Homage to Kufa, Najaf and Kerbala
The respect and fervor of Dai in Hind
The endless energy of Medina
The countless bounty of Baqi
The everlasting gift of Ka'aba

All the gifts in hand...
The Viceroy returns
To the Land it began
Azhar, Anwar, Juyushi, Lulua
Aqmar, Ahmed-Ibn Tulun
All await to partake and share the gifts

For waterfall of gifts will be shared
In the twilight of Maghrib
The moon will rise as..
The Viceroy will recall
The era of Moiz, Haakim, Mustansir
For its not history but rather...
A message for The Return As We Were

A journey for the living...back home
A reflection of the Grand Journey of our souls
Peer into this message in Misr.
You shall see your return home.