Friday, April 02, 2010

My 99 Years For You.

It began in the early decades of 1900's
A world without airplanes
Travel by land or sea - days it took
My yearn to reach the world no less
A father every step of the way
Showing the path to greatness

A sparkle of dedication
For my family and friends a spiritual family
Decades of dedications past
Eventually I am in my father's seat
For my Master I give him all
My greatness in His servitude

White clothes, simple attire
A message of peace and love
A message of identity and pride
Greatness is self preservation
Greatness in the modernity of tradition

East to West North to South
Constant remembrance of Kerbala
The bloodshed at Euphrates - a focus of pride
A lesson of peace and jubilation
For my Master won a victory there
I cherish this eternal gift of victory
With my tears and faith.

A Masjid in 1401H at the heart of Misr
Echoes of Hakim now ringing true
Usher the second Golden Age of Fatemi Heritage
A chalice of Gold unearthed after 600 plus years
From this Masjid born hundreds...A true emergence
Fatemi empire worldwide

From the two domes in Kerbala
To the Grand Masjid in Kufa
The sun shines at the peak of eloquence
My victory is for my family
My traditions are for my family
My Islam is for my family
My 99 years is for you

I give you my hand once more
I have given you for 45 years
Will you come with me now?
Do you believe me when I say....
A life of greatness awaits you?
Do not worry my son....I will take you
99 years or more...I am there...just call my name

I ask you remember me not forget
For I never forgot you in all of my 99 years..