Thursday, November 05, 2009

For it begins when it ends

A celebration for the end
Forty days and nights have passed
A wave of blessing on Kerbala and Najaf

He came shouldering thousands
All in the glimmer of His eyes
The Prophet's grandson asking questions
For He asked for our forgiveness
Clinching his hands on the grill of silver and gold

Specs of tears flowed on cheeks for all
A joy for the hundreds on His side
On the ground beside him
Many more thousands peering on the TV
Begging for forgiveness as blessings flowed

His last deed to prostrate for His Commander
Ask not whether we are forgiven - for that is a must
Ask what gifts he comes bearing
The gateway to heaven for all guaranteed

For those returning with cups full
Shower the less fortunate as we share the victory
For the Commander had said - we have won indeed!
Foretold almost 1400 years prior
The courtyard filled with marble and gold
More so filled with invaluable forever grace
The two domes await for another time
Soon it shall happen again and again indeed.

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