Friday, September 11, 2009

The Shores of Euphrates

For millenia the waters of knowledge flowed along the glorious euphrates.
Awaiting the ultimate sacrifice.
Blood would spill on its shores..
An ultimate sacrifice to dispell the myth and keep the truth.
Today two domes tower..between a courtyard of forgiveness.
The king in one and the loyal commander on the other.
A vessel of water he did not manage, for when he fell he may have fallen short.
But the water spilled soaked the courtyard of grace.
Forever linking The Forgiver with his Master.
For eternity this courtyard between them,
A heaven on earth connected by the spilled water of long.
Verily the two shimmering domes today await the arrival of The Commander.
Once again He shall renew this courtyard with images of Kerbala.
Hail from Kerbala the news we wait.
Najaf and Kufa are not too long away,
He will pay homage.
May it be soon that we drink once more at the shores of the great euphrates.

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